The Story

Gambreng Games is an indie game developer from Indonesia. It was built on 24 June 2013 by seven people. Gambreng is a way for kids to start a game, it is similiar with jankenpon in Japan or paper-rock-scissors in United States of America. Gambreng is chosen to be the name of the studio as a call for all players, where ever they are, to play and found great experience in every game that Gambreng Games develop. Every player will venture to a different world for each game made by Gambreng Games.

The unison of Gambreng Games founders does not happen overnight, it have gone through a long and mind-exhausting catalisation process. The seven of the founders have different background and interest. Five founder are students of a well known university in Tangerang. The other two are respectively librarian and lecturer from the same university, they are the one who planned, recruited, managed, prepared studio facility and ran operational duty.

Eventhough most of them have a hobby to play video game, only four members have won several national game competition and even brought their game to international recognition. With their logic and passion within each personnel, Gambreng Games will create more sparks to the International Game Industry