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  • What Is GoBlock's Impossible Medley?
    GoBlock's Impossible Medley is the most challenging game that you ever play.

    As most of us in Gambreng Games love impossible game, we are quite fascinated that Impossible Game (such as Geometry Dash) as a genre have not been taken seriously with most game is mediocre and only some is what we think is high quality. The game will be available for Android PlayStore, Apple AppStore, Windows and Mac.

    Impossible game is a simple one touch game with high and addictive difficulty. The most famous example of such game is Flappy Bird while the most comprehensive and addictive example is geometry dash. The game is designed to be easy to control but very hard to master.

  • What Is GoBlock?
    We believe that every art however simple and abstract it is, can be enjoyed and identified by the fans. GoBlock is a character that is created from an abstraction of characters that you may know. We never associate ourselves to the source of inspiration in any way and we hope that all the player can identify the true inspiration from GoBlock's character that we have made. 

GoBlock's Impossible Medley

03 March 2015

Impossible, Endless


  • IOS

  • Windows PC

  • Android