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  • Description
    June's Potion is the successor of our first game "Prototype" that won Game Developer Award at Indonesia Game Show 2013. You have to stealthily control June to break through her old job office in order to grab back her precious potion. Unlike its predecessor, June's Potion has many new sophisticated features including exciting new game play (Key System), three unique power ups, cools scoring system, 60 new levels, facebook share ad even new & fresh arts (visual and sound).

  • Objective
    June intention is to get back her precious potion that is held at the 25th Floor of UM Building. In order to move from one floor to another she needs to get a special IDs or keys that are spread across the level. She also can optionally gather two other items which are a precious gold coin that is known for its high value (for bonus point) and ingredients or documents needed in order to create more of her potion (collectables that are viewable at the gallery).

    She has to be careful since there are security cameras and even robot patrol. If the enemies catch her, she will need to replay the level. She does not need to worry much since there are UM-Gadgets (power up) that will help her. 

June's Potion

25 March 2014

Stealth, Arcade


  • Android