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  • Description
    Bored with a common Bug Smasher Game ? 
    Try our award winning Bug Smasher Game the Runner Up for Best Game on Industry Creative Festival 2014 

    The game is simple: protect the light by smashing all the LARON or some said flying white ant and increase your combo for various (spray, gecko, firefly, and spider) power-ups. Remember ! Do not smash the hornet cause will sting your finger. Beware the less you smash than the more LARON spawn... 

    If you let them hive in the lamp than the light will go dark :( Let's smash all of them and keep the light shine!!!
  • Feature
    Experience the next generation of tapping game:

    1. Excting Combo System. Tap more to gain more power !!!!!
    2. Upgrade your companion with money you've got from the game.
    3. Keep up with the challenge. The more you kill, the more they come.
    4. Pixelated LARON Families (Queen, King, Male, Female and Babies).
    5. Bizzare companion to power up your game (FireFly, Spider, Gecko and Spray).


17 August 2014

Casual, Arcade


  • Android

  • IOS (Coming Soon)