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  • Description
    This is not just another Bug Smasher Game? 

    Try out the re-imagining sequel to our award winning Bug Smasher Game the Runner Up for Best Game on Industry Creative Festival 2014 

    The game is simple: protect the light by smashing all the Mayflies and increase your combo for various power-ups such as spray, gecko, firefly, and spider. If you let them hive in the lamp then the light will go dark :(

    Be careful, the more you smash, the more Mayflies spawn.. Let's smash all of them and keep the light shine!!!
  • Feature
    Experience the new generation of tapping game like Ant Smasher:

    1. Cool combo system.
    2. Three challenging game modes.
    3. Breed fireflies to get more items.
    4. Unique Pixelated art of all mayflies family.
    5. Upgradeable Bizarre Companion Power Up.

Mayfly Mayhem

19 February 2015

Casual, Arcade


  • Android

  • IOS