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  • The Premises
    The player is a young scientist by the name of June Thatcher. She is a chemist and psychologist who has been fired from her job as a researcher at Union Medical. Union Medical fired June because she's been caught red-handed from stealing the CEO trash bag which makes the CEO angry and fired her at place. Since June cannot retrieve her belonging at the company, she’s sneaking at the night of June 24th 2013 to take her secret project from her office while also taking as much sample as possible for her research.
  • The Main Character
    June's born from a British Consultant and an Indonesian Actress. Graduated from Chemical Studies and Psychological Studies. A genius, buy shy which makes her can't communicate well with other man. She's conducting a special research to make a potion which allow everyone with their opposite gender attracted to the person who use the potion. As this research is really important to her, she can't afford to lose this research.
  • The Union Medical
    Union Medical is a research laboratory focused in researching special medical cases such as rare medical issues, Animal Revival and Plantation of Rare Plant.

    Union Medical building consist of 10 floors with 4 basements.
    • The first 4 floors are the administrative area, where the Receptionist, Pantry, Administrative Office and CEO Office is located.
    • The next 6 floors are the laboratory area where the 5th - 8yh floor is the Animal and Plantation being researched, and the 9th - 10th floor is where the secret research being conducted.
    • The Basement consist B-1, B-2, B-3, and B-4 where at B-1 a central lock of the elevator is located. To open it, someone need to collect the lock at B-4, B-3, and B-2 or use the central lock which is owned by every single security in the building.

    Union Medical is really proud of their security as one of the first company who use the latest security technology by Sol Security. Their security system consists of automated robot, camera, and laser. Any breach with their security system can result in an alarm trigger.


25 August 2013

Stealth, Arcade


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  • IOS