The Team

The Founders

  1. Red Chili

    Riris Marpaung

    Red Chili

    One of the founder of Gambreng Games is known as Red chilli, she has zero experience in Video Game Industry. Her education and forte is in Library Management. In 2012, a small window of opportunity in Game Industry is opened by her friend, Purple Giant, where she became the chairman of an internatioal event named “Game Developer Gathering”. Since then, slowly and unexpectedly, Riris Marpaung or Red-Chilli began going to event and meeting many people in an industry that is so bizzare with her. With some calculations and many guts, Red-chilli decided to join Purple-giant to built Gambreng Games studio. Red-chilli is also the one who suggested the name Gambreng for the studio. The inspiration came to her when she’s gardening in her small and beautiful garden, she saw some kids outside her house play a traditional game and start it with gambreng.

  2. Orange Drops

    Moh. Rizaldi

    Orange Drops

    When other kids are busy playing marbles, disturbing their friends or crying for a bike. Moh. Rizaldi or Orange Drops is busy making martial art comic. His parents think weird of his passion. But, he kept drawing and pouring his wild fantasy with all crazy innovation from his head. Be ready gamers, you will be spoiled and amazed by his magical sketch from the ten fingers of Orange Drops.

  3. Yellow Submarine

    Dimas Agni

    Yellow Submarine

    Dimas Agni or Yellow-Submarine is a cinema student who love to circle Indonesia using his favorite motorcycle. In his everyday life, Yellow Submarine is involved in the world of music. In the hand of his mind, Yellow-submarine can produce a unique tune that will bring the listener to the world they never visit. It’s very hard to find his inner talent, as hard as finding his where about that is usually out of the range of GPS.

  4. Green Witch

    Dayinta Anggana

    Green Witch

    This lady with slim figure and straight hair is not just an ordinary woman. Her drawing is full of color and extraordinary texture which create an unreal experience for the player. Being a video game visual artist is not just her passion and purpose but also Green Witch's breath and blood. Xiao Yu from Tekken is her idol which hide many unexpected strength inside her pretty face.

  5. Blue Strings

    Handrey Alex

    Blue Strings

    His long hair is an indicator of his long dream to design and develop sound and music for video game. He excels in many musical instrument and it has become his strength in making beautiful sound and music. In the future he will working so hard to combine his knowledge of computer and his passion in melody.

  6. Ultra Violet

    Archie Pusaka

    Ultra Violet

    When you see him, you directly recognized him as a logical person. Mathematic has become his favorite things ever since he is a kid. No wonder coding is just like breathing without no hard thinking. Ultra Violet loves to ask his fellow Gambreng Game to play Bang every time he is not coding.

  7. Purple Giant

    Dodick Sudirman

    Purple Giant

    His huge body represent his big desire to have a game studio. His desire what brought Dodick Sudirman or Purple-giant to study video game and not just being good at playing it. His background in computer science become his foundation to study game development. In the place where he lectures, Purple-giant build Game Development Club as a place where student who wanted to study on how to build video games meet up. Many students have won game competition under his cold hand. He attempted to build game studio has started in 2012, but it is failed. After going through many collaborations with Red-chilli, finally the two of them planned and recruited his students to build Gambreng Games.

The Gankz

  • New Seedz
    • Alessandra Rhea - 2D Artist 
    • Daru Wicaksono - Visual Artist 
    • Emily Sukoco - Visual Artist 
  • Veteranz
    • Albert Van Otto - Level Designer 
    • Jason Christian - Programmer 
    • Natalia Depita - Video Director Intern 
    • Lusiana Chow - Cameramen Intern 
    • Jovan Anggara - Programmer 
    • Alvin William - Programmer 
    • Thomas Simpson - Graphic Artist 
    • Viki Theolorado - Programmer 
    • Darwin - Programmer 
    • Nicholaus Purnomo - Programmer 
    • Wili Eka Nugraha - 2D Artist 
    • Ericko Yap - Programmer And Designer 
    • Gavan - Sound Engineer Intern 
    • Mikha Malsunrion - Programmer Intern 
    • Zo - Programmer Intern 
    • Tony - 2D Artist Intern 
    • Elizabeth Sentani - 2D Artist 
    • M. Nazhif - Programmer Intern 
    • Ario - Programmer Intern 
    • Nirwan - 2D Artist Intern 
    • Faiz Andrevano - Intern 2D Artist